Flurry launches crash and user acquisition analytics for mobile app developers

Flurry launches crash and user acquisition analytics for mobile app developers

Mobile analytics company Flurry has announced the launch of two new features for app developers: Crash Analytics and User Acquisition Analytics. The new services, which will be included in Flurry’s existing Analytics SDK, will be offered for free.

Flurry tells us that its User Acquisition Analytics feature is available immediately for all users, but Crash Analytics is only available for Android in beta (you must register for it), with an iOS counterpart launching “later this month.”

The company details that Crash Analytics, developed through a partnership with Plausible Labs, was “by far the most requested [feature],” following a survey of 100,000 of its users. For User Acquisition Analytics, Flurry touts that app marketers will now be able to “track the effectiveness of user acquisition campaigns across all their marketing channels including CPC and CPI display networks, as well their own email and CRM campaigns.”

Flurry has become known for its mobile app reports, powered by data pulled from its Analytics SDK. Recently, the company shared that Christmas week saw a record-breaking 1.76 billion app downloads worldwide. Shortly before that, Flurry shared that iOS and Android devices are being adopted faster than any consumer technology in history. As with all third-party studies, these figures must be taken with a grain of salt.

Image credit: Thinkstock / John Foxx

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