Pocket updates its iOS app to support native Facebook sharing, easier deletion of read items

Pocket updates its iOS app to support native Facebook sharing, easier deletion of read items

Today Pocket, the popular reading application that helps users save and later access content that they want to peruse, has updated its iOS application today to support better sharing, and the ability to delete items while they are being read.

Native Facebook sharing has been added in version 4.3, along with the ability to be social with the Sina Weibo network. Facebook may have over 1 billion users, but Weibo sports has 400 million of its own, a hardly unrespectable number.

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Perhaps most importantly in the new build of Pocket is the new function to delete an item that is currently being read. A user can now hold the ‘Archive’ button while in an article, and have it destroyed from their account.

For the hard of sight, a new, a new maximum font size has been added as well. In you are a Pocket user, you can snag the new version from its website here. The update also contains a normal mix of application updates and fixes, naturally.

Pocket is not alone in its market space, but it is certainly a popular service. At the end of 2012, the company reported 7.4 million users 240 million ‘saves’ of articles. The company nearly doubled its userbase in less than a year, putting on an impressive growth path.

The ability to take content from the web, and view it on mobile devices in new and interesting ways is no small feat. Flipboard, an indirect competitor, has also found big market uptake by solving the a similar problem in a radically different way.

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