Timehop taps USA Today to show you news from today’s date in history, adds ‘Friendversaries’

Timehop taps USA Today to show you news from today’s date in history, adds ‘Friendversaries’ ...

Social time machine service Timehop has announced two interesting additions to its app: News Content, which lets you view stories from today’s date in history through a partnership with USA Today; and Friendversaries, which lists the people you became friends with on today’s date.

For its partnership with USA Today, Timehop Design Lead Rachel Nash tells us that the company’s goal “is to provide [users] with a greater world context around their own content—what they were thinking the day Obama was elected, how rumors around the original iPad compared to the product launch, etc.”

Given the exclusive partnership, a deal with USA Today might provide a sneak peek at Timehop’s future monetization strategy. That said, we’re told Timehop currently isn’t being paid for the deal.

As for Friendversaries, they appear to add a new social dimension to Timehop, by way of a “mysterious cupcake button next to each listing.” That button lets you post a “Happy Friendversary!” message on your friend’s Facebook wall.

Nash tells us its goal with Friendversaries “is to spark some fun and probably unexpected conversations among app users around moments that otherwise may have been forgotten — how-we-met stories, reuniting old friends, etc.” Friendversaries could help Timehop grow by encouraging existing users to reach out to their connections.


NYC-based Timehop recently celebrated its one year anniversary since it began as a couple of hackathon projects: 4squareand7yearsago and And7YearsAgram. While Timehop CEO Jonathan Wegener continues to keep quiet in regards to how many users Timehop has, he did share with us that it’s in the hundreds of thousands.

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