French broadcaster TF1’s second-screen mobile app will let you instantly replay live TV

French broadcaster TF1’s second-screen mobile app will let you instantly replay live TV

There’s already a slew of so-called second-screen apps out there, with the likes of Zeebox and Orange’s TVCheck making inroads in the burgeoning space.

But now we’ve just gotten wind of another second-screen app in France, courtesy of French TV channel TF1, that’s about to get a key update that lets users instantly replay something they’ve just watched live on their screen.

By way of a quick summary, MYTF1 is the name of all the online services around the channel TF1, which includes an iOS and Android app, as well as on connected TVs via local partners such as Bbox, Freebox and Orange. MYTF1 is at the forefront of digital media in France, with 1.3 billion videos watched, a community of 15 million ‘fans’ and social activity that generated 13 million tweets in 2012.

Now, MYTF1 is introducing a new Connect feature, which aims to bring the ultimate second-screen experience to viewers in France, integrating a neat ‘Instant Replay’ feature. MYTF1 is calling this “a world first”, and we’ve certainly not encountered a similar second screen app with such a feature. It essentially means that as a viewer watches a programme, they can select a video highlight in real-time – it could be a spectacular goal, or a clip from the evening news – and share it instantly across the social sphere.

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The app will be Launching in time for the new season of The Voice in France, which is on Saturday, 2 February. It will then be extended to major entertainment, news and sports broadcasts, including the highly anticipated football World Cup qualifying match between France and Spain on 26 March.

While many TVs, set-top boxes (STBS) and related services offer rewind features for live TV, this is an interesting development for sure, and signals the way second screen apps are going. Conversations with the mobile masses is still a core underlying tenet, but multimedia is coming to the fore.

In addition to the Instant Replay feature, there will also be bonus videos and social chats – without leaving the screen, and in a single click, users will be able to answer messages, follow and chat with other viewers, hosts and celebrities, who are live-tweeting a show.

Instant Replay

There will also be interactive features and games, and you’ll be able to make live predictions about major sports events. For example, if the referee whistles for a penalty, you can opine whether the player will score, and where the ball will hit the net.

“With Connect, we are delighted to offer an unprecedented experience that offers even more interactivity with our audience and fulfils our ambition to activate and develop social connections around TF1 programmes,” says Régis Ravanas, Executive Vice President of TF1 Group. “Innovative, immersive and intuitive, Connect is the first real second-screen experience in France and the fullest, highest-quality product on the market.”

While you’ll only be able to check this service if you’re based in France, it’s an interesting insight into the way second screens apps are going, and only time will tell whether similar features start arriving on the likes of Zeebox in the future.

iOS and Android

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