For every niche, there’s WordPress: Automattic launches new portfolio themes for designers

For every niche, there’s WordPress: Automattic launches new portfolio themes for designers has grown rapidly over the years and continues to do so, but even with an incredible success story under its belt, its creator Automattic remains on the offensive.

As we’ve previously detailed, long gone are the days of WordPress operating only as a blogging platform, and now, even after the service has completed its transition to a content management system (CMS), things continue to change.

Over the past year, Automattic has taken to marketing its CMS directly to bandsweddingscitiesrestaurants, and now it has launched Portfolio Sites for designers, photographers and artists.

For Every Niche’s Portfolio Sites aren’t blogs at all, but instead represent the need for everything in life to have its own Web presence. Automattic is banking on being the easiest and most approachable tool for getting your interests online.

As for what’s new, has 30 new portfolio themes, with features like custom design options, embeddable external video and audio, sharing buttons and custom domains — all standard fare, but presented in a new light.

Like we’ve said, Automattic is pitching more than just a handful of specialized themes. Instead, it’s selling an ideology: an everything for everyone service, and it’s moving one vertical at a time.


WordPress calls itself “the most popular and fastest growing publishing platform on the Web.” Just a few months ago, 17.4% of the top million sites ran on WordPress.

Now that figure is up to 17.6%, but Automattic wants more.

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