Shopmine turns Pinterest into a daily email of shop-able items from your feed

Shopmine turns Pinterest into a daily email of shop-able items from your feed

Aside from its traditionally difficult-to-reach target demographic and rapid growth, one of the most interesting aspects of Pinterest is its potential to become an e-commerce giant.

Pinterest already has access to heaps upon heaps of data, but the startup has yet to publicly tap into its user’s shopping tastes and purchase intent. As such, even with limited options for developers, third-party services are stepping in to fill the void.

Shopmine is one such startup operating atop Pinterest, and although it’s still in its early stages, the company has our attention.

At its core, Shopmine turns Pinterest into an email subscription of shop-able items plucked from your feed. The items are harvested from pins posted by those you follow, but are vetted for purchasability — so if you find something that piques your interest, you won’t have to scour the Web for items that were never even available (or were limited edition/custom-made).

For a fashion-focused Pinterest user such as my girlfriend, Shopmine’s emails might look something like this:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 1.40.18 PM

Clicking on an item brings you to Shopmine’s product page, which reveals which users pinned the item.

Over time, Shopmine has plans for more sophisticated product recommendations. Currently, the company is exploring affiliate links as an income source.

Shopmine makes Pinterest shop-able, and after using the service ourselves, we see potential in its simplicity and useful recommendations. Try it for yourself via the link below.

➤ Shopmine

Image credit: Jupiterimages / Thinkstock

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