Groupon’s Android app for merchants now lets users accept payments through their smartphones

Groupon’s Android app for merchants now lets users accept payments through their smartphones

Groupon has updated its Merchants app for Android with Groupon Payments, the company’s Square competitor which allows users to accept credit card payments via their phones and an attached card reader.

This move comes with little surprise, as Groupon had already introduced similar functionality to its iOS app back in September. Previously, the Groupon Merchants app for Android could only scan and redeem Groupons, display redemption history and help users manage deals.

By introducing payments into the equation, Groupon could attract new customers to its payment processing offering by way of its deals. Additionally, because the two offerings are now tightly integrated together, ROI Tracking will also be significantly easier for merchants, potentially resolving some concerns over the effectiveness of daily deals to boost sales.

The app itself isn’t particularly beautiful, but gets the job done.

The success of Groupon Payments on the Android platform has yet to be shown, but there’s no doubt that Groupon is betting heavily on it, considering how strongly the service is emphasized within the app.

In other news, Groupon has recently seen quite the rebound; the company’s share price has doubled since its record lows, rising 99% in 58 days.

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