Labbler hopes to cover the full spectrum of the music industry with social network for pros and fans

Labbler hopes to cover the full spectrum of the music industry with social network for pros and fans

Social network for music professionals and fans Labbler is now available in open beta, the company has announced recently. While its short description may remind you of MySpace, its purpose is actually wider, and includes the music business as a whole.

In practical terms, its ambition is to connect artists, labels, clubs, media, promoters, booking agents and fans, while providing functionalities for each of them – all in one place. For instance, musicians can look for potential business partners, while fans can keep up with news on their favorite bands. In other words, it hopes to cover the full spectrum of the music industry.

Unsurprisingly for a new platform, the main thing Labbler is currently lacking are early adopters. It hopes to attract them thanks to its well designed user interface, and use their feedback to decide which functionalities to implement next. Here’s a short video presenting what it already offers:

Once you sign up, you will automatically get a profile page displaying your latest activity, which you can also fill in with additional data and link to your other social networks. You can also create multiple pages and manage them in one place.

More importantly if you are a musician, you can import tracks and charts from Beatport and SoundCloud and showcase them on Labbler; you will then get access to advanced analytics to understand your audience and potential partners.

Each vertical of Labbler’s community has its own tab, which you can browse to find people and entities to follow, such as your favorite music labels. In addition, you can also use advanced search and sorting features to filter and organize your results.

While Labbler will adapt its product roadmap depending on users’ feedback, it has already announced that it plans to introduce several business features within two months, such as invoicing and deal tracking, as well as business ranking to guarantee trustworthiness.

In addition, it hopes to add a Suppliers category where you will be able to buy physical products, digital music and related courses.

Although this is an ambitious plan, this could also be Labbler’s force; the wider its coverage of the music world, the easier it will be for the site to become a destination for professionals and fans alike.

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