Re:me: This Android app creates a task-list of SMS messages you’ve yet to reply to

Re:me: This Android app creates a task-list of SMS messages you’ve yet to reply to

If you ever find yourself receiving text messages and forgetting to reply, this simple little app for Android could help.

Re:me is an SMS productivity tool that creates a task list of messages you’ve yet to respond to. Once you have responded, the SMS is cleared off the list…it’s that simple.

How it works

When you first install the app, your list of unanswered messages will be blank. It’ll only start from the point when you first launch the app, after which you’ll see the number of unanswered messages in your notifications bar at the top. You can tap on this notification directly, or launch the app from your homescreen.

You’ll see a list of messages for which you’ve yet to respond, the oldest at the top. Each SMS has a time beneath it that counts up in real-time with each second that passes.

You can leave it as is so you don’t forget to reply, or you can tap the little cross to dismiss it. If you do that, you’re on your own.


This shifts the focus from unread to unreplied messages, and ensures you don’t forget to answer that all-important dinner invite.

Re:me is the handiwork of Michelle Au Yeung and Yevgeny Chertov, two University of Waterloo students in Ontario, Canada, who say they are trying to “redefine messaging” with their Android app.

“In today’s world, we get a flood of messages from different mediums every day,” says Au Yeung. “Naturally, some very important messages get lost in the noise. The problem is the current mailbox perspective. We don’t care if a message has been read or not. What we actually care about is what we need to do next – do we need to reply?”

Re:me is available to download for free now.

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