Wink: A fresh take on photo-sharing that instantly sends your new pictures to the friends you’re with

Wink: A fresh take on photo-sharing that instantly sends your new pictures to the friends you’re ...

With Instagram having more or less won the photo-sharing app war, is there still room for another contender? Danish startup Wink believes so. Its new iOS app launches today with a fresh approach to sharing the latest pictures you’ve taken.

Wink is all about instantly sharing photos with the people in them. If you and your friends all have the app installed and you take a picture of them, it will instantly, automatically share it with them all. It doesn’t matter what app you use to take the photo, it pulls in relevant photos from the Camera Roll and shares them with your nearby friends.

A neat, seamless service, but why? Who would want this? Wink’s testing has found the idea popular with teenagers and young adults who take lots of photos with their friends. The promotional video (below) reflects that target market. The startup says that Instagram and its ilk aren’t its competitors. Instead, Dropbox, USB drives and other private means of photo-sharing are what it’s looking to beat.

As a company, Wink was previously known as Evertale, developing a personal, location-focused diary. However, the team eventually decided to pivot into instant photo-sharing and build Wink. The team has raised what it describes as “significant” funding led by Mangrove Capital Partners.

As the app requires other users to be in close proximity to use, we haven’t had a chance to roadtest it yet but the demo we were given recently revealed an app that could well chime with the young audience it’s looking for – if they can be convinced to give it a try.

Wink is a free app available for iOS now.

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