Informly brings an integrated view of Web and business stats to small firms

Informly brings an integrated view of Web and business stats to small firms

If you run a small business, whether you’re a freelancer, a startup, or a small services shop, you probably get tired of all the time you spend logging into various services to check up on things. Web analytics, uptime, marketing campaigns, finances, the list goes on. There’s a whole process involved in checking up on each one.

Big businesses often have custom tools to handle and aggregate the mountains of data available into meaningful views, but until now it has been quite difficult to get this business-wide overview for smaller operations. That’s where a new startup called Informly comes in.

Informly already supports a raft of services. Google Analytics, AdSense, Google Search Position, Pingdom, SiteUptime, AWeber, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Xero, PayPal, Klout, Post Impact and FreshBooks are all in the at-launch offering.

Once you add a service you create reports containing the charts of your liking, such as a general overview that shows the most important stats across the board, and pages that drill-down into specifics such as your financial situation using data from Xero and PayPal.

You can also view long-term trends, color-coded by month, to get a better picture of your business and its movement over time on top of its current status.

Informly is an Australian operation founded by Dan Norris. It is very rare to see tech startups come out of my city, the Gold Coast, and it’s refreshing to see some movement in the area.

“To date most dashboard solutions have been targeting the people who love stats so much they want them all in the one place. I want to target people who aren’t obsessed with stats but know that they are an important consideration in making good decisions and growing businesses. So I want to get them this high level information as simply and quickly as possible to enable them to get on with running their businesses,” Norris told TNW.

Norris said that in his last business in Web design, many clients wanted access to this kind of simple information without the complexity of services like Raven Tools.

Right now, Informly is available as a Web app, a mobile site and an iPhone app. The free plan offers up to 6 charts, but you can boost that to 20 with the $9/month starter plan. Norris says that a business version with more charts and an agency version that will allow you to add clients to your reports are forthcoming.


Image Credit: Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images

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