Wavii waves hello to version 2.0 of its news feed app, letting friends discuss stories in real time

Wavii waves hello to version 2.0 of its news feed app, letting friends discuss stories in real time

Back in April, a new personalised news service launched, supported by some big-name developers, and some media quarters saying that Wavii posed a challenge to Facebook’s news feed.

Wavii crawls the Web, sifting through tweets, blogs and websites to serve up a fully customized stream of news via a Web and iOS app, developed by engineers who had previously plied their trade for Amazon and Microsoft.

Now, Wavii has launched version 2.0 for iOS, offering a completely revamped app, with smoother navigation, and commenting and social integration brought to the forefront. It’s worth adding here that you can now register with Wavii using your Twitter credentials or email address, and not just your Facebook account…this will certainly go some way towards making it more appealing to a lot of folk.

If you used the original incarnation at all, the first thing you’ll notice with version 2.0 is the slicker look and feel, but the new social bar will also jump out at you, so you can see the stories your friends have interacted with, while letting you throw your own thoughts into the mix too.


Wavii 2.0 also brings more updates for any topic via short status updates in your newsfeed, while offering quicker access to category feeds such as Popular, Tech, and Entertainment.

“We no longer have the time or patience to read every article to find out what’s happening in the world,” explains Adrian Aoun, founder and CEO of Wavii. “Nobody expects to have to read paragraphs when they want the latest sports scores, stocks or weather, so why should we for everything else?

“Bite-sized news updates are faster to consume and let us dive into the story only when we want more information, like a new navigational layer on top of the news,” he continues. “What’s more, they’re easier to comment on and share with friends.”

Wavii is akin to the type of second-screen apps we’re seeing emerge for TV such as Zeebox, in terms of how it connects people in different locations to discuss the same stories in real-time. Though Wavii can be enjoyed entirely as a one-screen experience.

If you haven’t yet checked it out, Wavii is available to download for free now.

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