Runno takes its Foursquare-style gamified fitness app to Android

Runno takes its Foursquare-style gamified fitness app to Android

Back in April we reported on Runno, a fitness app that offers an interesting mix of workout and location-based gameplay. The main issue, however, was that it was iOS only…but now it’s also available on Android.

Just to recap, outdoor enthusiasts can use Runno for running, cycling, rollerblading and biking, and earn points, or the Runno currency, which is called Walluta. Each calorie burnt earns you 7 Wallutas. But the real kicker is that you can claim areas and buildings as your own kingdom by circling them. I guess Runno could best be described as Runkeeper meets Foursquare.

Activities are logged by the device’s location sensors (GPS). The user can then circle an area by traversing around it and claim it for themselves.

In an interesting twist, users can also attack other areas that have already been claimed, kickstarting (virtual) warfare. The outcome of a battle is settled by sending ‘soldiers’ to the battle area. The user with more soldiers after the battle time ended (7 days) will retain the battle area. Users can have as many areas as they like, and collectively this is known as their Kingdom.

So that’s Runno in a nutshell.


The Android app follows a pretty much identical design to the iOS incarnation, and you can either opt to register a new account with Runno or connect with your Facebook credentials.

Once in, you can get started with running, walking, rollerblading or biking. Thought I’m not sure there should be a need to select these different categories from the get-go, it would probably be simpler if you just started your activity, and then when you clicked ‘Stop’, you tell the app whether you were running, walking or whatever.

Your activities are stored in your ‘History’ tab, while ‘Settings’ lets you input your weight, distance  and speed metrics.

The Runno app is available to download for free now, and you can watch the official promo video below.

➤ Runno – Android | iOS

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