GrubHub adds Uber-like mapping tools to your delivery, so your paunch knows when to expect the eats

GrubHub adds Uber-like mapping tools to your delivery, so your paunch knows when to expect the eats

If you are anything like your humble servant, if it wasn’t for GrubHub,you would have died by now of malnutrition. The service, which binds together a city’s restaurants into a single interface, allowing for a unified ordering and payment system, is akin to magic.

If you tend to eat at your desk day in and day out, GrubHub will have food sent to you piping hot (sometimes) and usually matching your order (again, sometimes). However, the  magic of GrubHub is that it takes all the worry, and annoyance out of ordering. No more fumbling for singles to tip with – just put it on your card – or menus. I’ve GrubHub’d twice in one day more than I care to recall.

However, the service does have a sticking point: After your order goes into the system, it’s a bit black box on when it will arrive. GrubHub will shoot you a note via email with an expected delivery time, which is usually about one hour from your delivery.

Your delivery time will then occur at a random moment.

Today, the company has introduced a new tool that should boost the transparency of being lazy and having food brought to you because you prefer typing to good health. Dubbed ‘Track Your Grub,’ it does just that. DeliveryHub, a new mobile app that some restaurants can install, allows you to track your food as it is driven to you.

This is akin to Uber’s amazingly innovative, and now widely copied, interface that allowed you watch your car drive to you. This is like that, but with double bacon cheeseburgers during the lunch hour.

That combined with an expanded set of SMS tools – alerts when your order leaves the shop – will make GrubHub all the more fun to use. Restaurants will have to choose to adopt the technology, which is launching in 6 cities to start, but when it becomes the norm, this will make consuming calories all the more fun.

Onward, lazy brothers and sisters.

Top Image Credit: agent.fin

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