Resumes suck: tells you if you really want to work with *that* person

Resumes suck: tells you if you really want to work with *that* person

The global economy is in a weakened state and millions of Americans are unemployed. With so many seeking work, the competition for any available job requires people take advantage of any available opportunity. For potential employers, they’ll need to sort through hundreds if not thousands of resumes and applications realizing that only one will be as close to a perfect fit to work with the company.

But what if there was a way for businesses to figure out who has the best personality or has the necessary skill set for the position? think that it has such a solution and today it’s launching to the public. It calls itself a “web-based psychometric pre-employment assessment (SaaS)” that will help to eliminate the need from the job-seeking/recruiting process.

What exactly is psychometrics? It’s a field of study that is concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement, including measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitude, personality traits, and educational measurement.’s stance is this: by administering a psychometric test at the beginning of the hiring phase, companies will be able to screen its applicants in order to discover those that it says are “inherently smart, productive, and driven”. After filtering out those that don’t fall in line with the company’s criteria, the human resource staff can begin to review the actual resumes to learn more about the applicants.

There are two versions of the test, one that’s 20 minutes long and another that’s 45 minutes. An applicant need only complete one and employers will receive scientifically proven, empirical data that will give some insights into an applicant’s potential, their work ethic, and behavior. So far, the company has processed over 10,000 applicants and establishing more than 60,000 “unique data points” from over 810,000 answered questions.

Tests are available in English, French, and Spanish.

For its effort, claims to have helped in the hire of 65 positions since January 2012  and saved companies $3.3 million in hiring costs. Interested companies can sign up for a free trial now, but after 30 days, they will need to move into an individual plan starting at $99 per month all the way to $999 per month.

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