Qusic: A new music service to help you never miss a release again

Qusic: A new music service to help you never miss a release again

You only have to look at services it powers and the impact they’ve had on the world of digital music to know the age of music data has arrived. From Spotify to iTunes it’s helping make music apps and services more powerful, building on rapidly growing sources of information about tracks, albums and artists.

With the huge amount of available data now out there, services are starting to emerge which can filter music data and make it more relevant to users and their listening needs. One such service, the recently launched Qusic offers a solution to a problem which, even in this age of increasing music utility, is still plaguing music lovers – missing new releases by your favourite artists and bands.

Much in the way that Songkick (whose data Qusic utilises to identify a user’s music tastes) makes sure you’ll never miss a gig by one of your musical heroes by alerting you whenever they have a gig scheduled in your town, Qusic ensures you’re kept up to date with new releases by using information available via Spotify’s API and firing you regular emails updates.

Qusic’s co-founder Nigel Purves, who learnt to code in order to develop it, explained that “Qusic takes the stress out of keeping track of new tunes released by your ever-expanding list of favourite artists, whether you’ve been a fan of them for years or you just caught the tail-end of their set by accident at a festival”.

At present, Qusic tracks new Spotify releases in the UK only but in the near future Nigel and his team plan to expand this to both to the US & the rest of Europe. In addition to this they are working towards offering integrations with other music streaming platforms & MP3 download sites – essentially ensuring that whenever an artist announces new releases, regardless of the format, their followers on Qusic will be amongst the first to know. Also check Album Reminder for a similar service built on different data.

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