As promised, Bootstrap creators release first update since leaving Twitter

As promised, Bootstrap creators release first update since leaving Twitter

When Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton, the creators of the Bootstrap toolkit, announced they were leaving Twitter last month, they promised to continue working on the project, even though it was launched in August 2011 while they were employed at the social networking giant. Today, they have delivered on that promise with Bootstrap 2.2.0.

If you follow Bootstrap closely, you’ll notice that the next release was supposed to be 2.1.2, but the creators say they bumped the version number due to timing and scope. The new version has 72 closed issues on GitHub, which include dozens of bug fixes, documentation enhancements, and a few new and improved features. More specifically, there are four new example templates, an added media component, and a new typographic scale.

Bootstrap is still being moved to its own organization on GitHub, but that transition is still in progress. There’s also another big release coming, although first the team wants to get in a few more bug fixes.

Here’s the official Bootstrap 2.2.0 changelog:

  • Added four new example templates to the docs, including a narrow marketing page, sign in form, sticky footer, and a fancy carousel (created for an upcoming .net magazine article).
  • Added the media component, to create larger common components like comments, Tweets, etc.
  • New variable-driven typographic scale based on @baseFontSize and @baseLineHeight.
  • Revamped mini, small, and large padding via new variables for inputs and buttons so everything is the same size.
  • Reverted 2.1.1’s .box-shadow(); mixin change that caused compiler errors.
  • Improved dropdown submenus to support dropups and left-aligned submenus.
  • Fixed z-index issues with tooltips and popovers in modals.
  • Hero unit now sets basic type styles for the entire component, rather than on .hero-unit p { … }.
  • Updated JavaScript plugins and docs to jQuery 1.8.1.
  • Added file.
  • Added support for installing Bootstrap via Bower.
  • Miscellaneous variable improvements across the board.
  • Miscellaneous documentation typos fixed.

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