Netbot for gets push notifications and full search support

Netbot for gets push notifications and full search support

The popular Netbot client for has received a nice update today, bringing push notification support and full search capability. The last version of Netbot had added limited support for the service’s user search API, but had yet to add universal search of the network.

Push notifications are an essential part of a great client for any service, so I’m happy to see that they’ve finally arrived in Netbot. I’ve been testing them for a bit and, just like Tweetbot, they’re fast and reliable. In fact, they consistently come in a few seconds earlier than other clients I have on my device like Rivr or Felix, but that may change as those clients begin using the official ADN push API as well. Currently, Tapbots uses the streaming API and its own push servers to deliver the notifications.


The search function is very much like Tweetbot’s as well, and gives you the ability to search for posts with a term, users with a term in their name or directly navigate to a @username. This makes search just a bit faster than it would be otherwise.


Tweetbot creator Tapbots released Netbot earlier this month to nearly universal acclaim and saw an immediate and continuing jump in use of the service. This demonstrated just how important a great mobile client is for any social service. An update earlier this month fixed the way that Netbot handles cross posting to Twitter and added user search. Three updates in a month is great, and displays Tapbots’ dedication to the app.

Netbot for iPhone

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