Thryve: A neat food-tracking app focusing on feelings and food-types over counting calories

Thryve: A neat food-tracking app focusing on feelings and food-types over counting calories

There’s no shortage of foodie apps out there, that help you track your eating habits with a view towards reducing your waistline. But Thryve is a little different.

Launched last week on iOS, Thryve is the latest food-tracking app on the block, and places more emphasis not only on how much food you’re eating, but how those meals make you feel. So it’s not all about calorie-counting.

How it works

Once you’ve signed up, providing basic information about your gender, age and current level of activity, you’ll be asked to add your first meal.

You snap a photo, then enter pertinent details around it, such as the ingredients. Afterwards, you can also indicate how happy the meal made you by clicking on a little smiley (or sad) face:

Before you complete your meal details, you’ll also be asked to alter the slider to indicate how much of one particular food-type was included in your meal. You can then look back at the day and see a split of your food in-take by grains, protein, veggies, dairy and so on.

You get a score for every meal entered based on the nutritional content and how much you say you’re eating. So you’ll need to be honest…


Thryve is a beautifully constructed app, and a lot of attention has been given to the design and layout. Certainly, if the calorie-counting credentials that underpin many similar apps put you off, Thryve will likely appeal as it gives a very visual overview of what you’ve been eating.

By focusing on food groups, it suggests what you could be eating more of for a more balanced diet. You can also see how the way you eat compares to the average across the Thryve user-base.

Thryve is a friendlier way to track what you eat, and hopefully improve it.

“We’ve had some really great, early growth and very vocal, passionate users,” says Caleb Oller CEO and Lead Engineer at Thryve. “We’re also starting to see some really interesting trends.”

Thryve is available to download for free now on all iOS devices.

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