Showpad partners with Jive Present to create a powerful sales app designed to increase productivity

Showpad partners with Jive Present to create a powerful sales app designed to increase productivity

Sales teams are always worried about whether they’re going to get the latest materials when they go out into the field. Being well-prepared when you’re trying to make a sale is vitally important, but just how can you support your sales force and give them the tools they need to succeed?

Closed-loop marketing type services such as Veeva or Skura have been increasingly relevant to helping teams coordinate. A similar one would be Showpad. And at the Jive World conference happening now in Las Vegas, Nevada, Showpad is announcing that it will be powering Jive’s new global sales channel, Jive Present, and it available to the company’s current and new customers for their individual sales teams to use to become more productive.

In case you’re not familiar with Showpad, it’s a mobile application startup from Ghent (Belgium) that focuses on enabling representatives to present with the latest materials. By using the app, reps can import the latest documents, sales figures, presentations, etc. and share them with client. It definitely helps to ensure a bit of consistency among all members of the sales force.

It also helps to add a bit of accountability too since it enables managers to monitor what assets were accessed by the representative while analyzing what specific parts of the materials the client really preferred.

Jive Present is an application that will enable tablets to be transformed into a sales, presentation, and training tool. Combined with Showpad and Jive’s social business platform, it will distribute what Showpad calls “the most accurate and timely information in any format to sales reps and customers anytime and anywhere, online or offline.” Of course, companies can also keep track of data consumption, compliance, and education program adherence.

Both Jive and Showpad are recognizing that the age of sales teams lugging around giant laptops to meetings are slowly fading away. Now, people are carrying around much lighter, but equally powerful tablet devices and both companies are hoping to leverage these two apps to be a major player in sales management.

With Showpad now powering Jive Present, here are some apparent, but important benefits to companies:

  • Provide video, audio and rich multi-media content to sales and distribution teams – ensuring relevant information is always available anytime, anywhere, online and offline
  • Centrally manage information distribution and actively push customized data and materials to individuals or groups, ensuring the right content gets to the right individual or team at the right time
  • Train mobile teams remotely and on demand
  • Showcase and mark up content to prospects and customers in real time and distributing materials to them with one click
  • Leverage the Jive Platform to allow mobile teams to collaborate on information, conversations and documents and get access to experts across the organization in real time
  • Eliminate wasted time searching for information and verifying its accuracy in portals and company intranets

Jive’s Chairman and CEO, Tony Zingale, believes that a service needs to step up and help the sales teams in any enterprise do its job: ” Current mobile tools in the market have not kept pace with the needs of today’s mobile workforce. Sales reps, and anyone in the field, need real time information, the ability to customize materials to each customer’s needs and fast access to experts across the organization.”

This isn’t Showpad’s first major integration. Founded in 2011, this mobile platform has performed work for several other major companies, including BASF, Cibavision, and Heineken.

Image credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP/GettyImages

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