Another startup tries to fix email: Kukoo introduces the concept of a ‘temporary inbox’

Another startup tries to fix email: Kukoo introduces the concept of a ‘temporary inbox’

Belgian startup (actually more of a project) Kukoo is today debuting a completely revamped email-fixing service after trying its hand at something similar a few years ago.

In essence, Kukoo aims to increase the productivity of its users by helping them regain control over their email inbox.

It does that by only allowing truly important emails to ‘interrupt’ you, while queuing the rest of the pack (social media notifications, newsletters, daily deal alerts and whatnot) and delivering those to you inbox only on dates and times specified by yourself through Kukoo’s dashboard.

To do this, users need to sign up for an address, though there’s also the possibility of using your own domain name by seting up a forwarding email address and pointing it to a Kukoo address.

Registered members can continue to use their existing email address, but gradually change the email address they use for newsletters, social media spam notifications and the like to their one.

It takes some fine-tuning, but users can easily tweak the email delivery rules as soon as they start noticing exactly when most ‘unimportant’ or automated emails tend to hit their inbox.

Does Kukoo’s temporary inbox idea fix the many problems people worldwide suffer when using email in their daily lives and careers? Of course not, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t fix the issues some of those people face today.

If Kukoo sounds like something that can make you more productive down the line, give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

Fun fact: the Kukoo logo was made by Tim Van Damme, who looks after the way Instagram looks on your iOS or Android devices.

The people behind Kukoo are @Tijs, @TomClaus and @MattiasGeniar.

Top image credit: Mike Clarke for AFP / Getty Images

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