Committed uses OS X’s Notification Center to let you know when someone pushes code to a GitHub repo

Committed uses OS X’s Notification Center to let you know when someone pushes code to a GitHub ...

This is one for the coders. Justin Williams has fired up a new piece of software in the Second Gear family called Committed. It’s got a fairly specific purpose, but one that could be just the thing that is missing from your workflow.

Committed uses OS X Mountain Lion’s Notification Center to alert you when someone pushes new code to any of the GitHub repositories you’re watching on your personal account or subscribed to in your GitHub organization.

We spoke briefly to Williams, to ask about the genesis of the app. “When I was working with other developers on projects,” he says, “I always wanted to know what was code committed I was out of the office. GitHub is great for collaborating on development and seeing a nice history of those changes, but when you work in an organization it can be a bit of a hassle to get to it.”

The process to check on the commits to a repo is normally to visit, select your organization, select your project and view the commits.

“Committed automates a lot of that for me by just checking GitHub periodically and then generating an alert in Notification Center with each commit to the projects I watch,” says Williams.  “It’s basically a way for me to be lazy and have information I care about passively show up on my Mac.”

Obviously the app is going to have a limited reach, as its really only going to be useful to those who both deal in code and use Github for product tracking, but sometimes you just have to ‘scratch your own itch’ and hope there are others out there who have the same itch too.

Committed for Mac $4.99

Image Credit: Tim Lucas

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