GitHub redesigns its developer profile pages with a much cleaner look and Retina avatars

GitHub redesigns its developer profile pages with a much cleaner look and Retina avatars

GitHub, the popular collaborative coding hub for developers, has just released redesigned user profile pages, featuring larger, Retina-friendly avatars and a more personal feel overall.

As you’ll see below, the Repositories and Public Activity details are now shown in two separate tabs, making things feel less crowded. Additionally, searching and filtering tools are more prominent on the Repositories tab, where participation graphs are now elegantly shown in the background.

Here’s the new profile look, followed by the original design:

The original:

GitHub sums up its intentions quite nicely:

Your profile page has always been about you. Now it’s a prettier you.

As of today, GitHub has amassed some 2.1 million users and nearly 3.8 million code repositories. It has truly become one of the most important sites for developers across the globe, and is even replacing resumes for some programmers. In addition to its primary purpose for hosting development projects, however, GitHub now plays an interesting role as an almost-social network of sorts for geeks, and today’s profile updates encourage that shift.

Given that this is a site intended solely for developers, the bare-bones nature of the original design was important to maintain, but now it’s simply much easier on the eyes. The best designs always get out of the way, and this new look is no exception.

Image credit: Jim Watson / Getty Images

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