rolls out of beta, launching to the public with a new job postings service rolls out of beta, launching to the public with a new job postings service

We first brought you news on last August, while it was still in pre-launch mode – and today, well, it launches out of beta with a new job postings feature.

Just to recap, is a community developed by programmers, for programmers, that helps coders rack up street cred, or “GeekCred”. It also allows you to add technical-focused accomplishments to share with others in the community.

Following our original coverage, we gave out some invites, covered its GitHub integration and took a quick look as it rolled out a robust search option for users to find other like-minded developers who have accomplished pretty amazing things. And 50,000 users ain’t bad for a private beta phase, either. launches to the public today, and it now includes a job postings feature, for geeks to find companies and companies to find geeks. In case you’re wondering, the first job posting is for Amazon’s stealth R&D center in Irvine, that built Whispersync for Kindle.

Other positions on launch include LA startup Swagsy and Mountain View company Ooyala. Registered companies are matched to developers by skills tagged, number of ^5’s and a user’s general “GeekCred”. When you’re matched you’ll see:

If someone’s interested in a company position, they’ll be notified and the company can view the candidate’s credentials before entering into an online discussion.

“This is the most significant advancement to date and will be an industry game-changer, as companies not only post jobs but do passive and social outreach to developers in their Verified Company pages,” says Reuben Katz CEO and co-founder of “Yes, we had Verified Company pages long before LinkedIn and ours add real value and provide relevant tools for companies to speak to developers in their own language.”

Katz notes that the company already has “tremendous interest” from across Europe, including Skype in London, as well as firms in tech hubs such as Israel, Silicon Valley, New York and elsewhere.

“This is a huge deal for us as a startup,” continues Katz. “We are not only providing quality, but we are making money. We charge $249 per post, which is lower than other sites, but we provide fresh, live and relevant candidates in a vibrant community.

“We are now in our third month of generating revenues from things our clients demanded…such as sponsorships and job postings,” says Katz.

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