Localytics launches push messaging alternative for app developers, secures $5.5M for growth

Localytics launches push messaging alternative for app developers, secures $5.5M for growth

Localytics, a marketing and analytics service for iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps, has shared two major announcements today: it just secured $5.5M from Polaris Venture Partners and is simultaneously launching an in-app messaging service that compliments (or even replaces) push messages and email alerts.

According to Localytics, there’s a void in the options app developers have when it comes to communicating with users. Push notifications can be either disruptive or occur at the wrong times, while email can easily be lost in an inbox and become untimely.

This is where Localytics’ in-app messages comes in, or what the company calls an “app marketing solution.” These alerts let developers share highly targeted messages to users in real-time based on their own app usage. All of these alerts, which pop up as the app is launched, are tracked using Localytics’ existing analytics service, letting developers track engagement statistics while going hand-in-hand with the startups existing analytic’s service.

From Raj Aggarwal, co-founder and CEO of Localytics:

App marketers have an amazing opportunity, they’ve already built a personal relationship with users and have a place on their phone or tablet. Our app marketing platform builds on app analytics to optimize communication with those app users when and where messages can have the greatest impact — while they’re using their apps.

Right now, Localytics supports some 350 million devices, and has plans to use its recent round of funding to expand its analytics and marketing services for app developers. Check it out via the link below.

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