Fieldoo launches online sports network to become the AngelList for football pros

Fieldoo launches online sports network to become the AngelList for football pros

Slovenian startup Fieldoo recently kicked off a brand new online sports career network service that aims to help football pros (both players and other industry folks like agents and scouts) network and achieve their goals.

For our American readers: we’re talking about that sport you call ‘soccer’.

Think of Fieldoo as a mix of LinkedIn and AngelList, but for football professionals. Players can use the sports network to showcase their skills, centralize all relevant data and information about them in a Web-based ‘career book’ and also keep track of and network with (former) team mates, friends and rivals.

Already, Fieldoo claims football players from more than 40 countries have flocked to the site, which also ties in nicely with existing social networking services like Facebook and Twitter to boost the promotion possibilities for players’ career books.

By the end of this year, Fieldoo hopes to also welcome agents onto the service, enabling both professional and semi-professional players to connect with them in search of the next step in their careers. Like the players, agents will also have the ability to create a personal résumé of sorts, and interact with peers worldwide.

From the fledgling company’s press kit:

Fieldoo is not meant for Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but for players, agents and others who want to progress, achieve their goals and get to the next level in their career.

It is meant for a 19 old youngster from Scotland’s second division trying to get a team in Spanish football.

Or for a 14 year old from Austria, who’s updating his performance data with every game he plays, making a complete career book, a 22 year old Chinese seeking agent to get a try-out or a club in Europe, or a new agent from Cyprus trying to get new clients from USA.

Fieldoo is primarily targeting young players, roughly between the age of 13 and 23.

Competitors include Rayleague and Soccermash.


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