Rdio launches ‘Protected Accounts,’ letting you Limp Bizkit it up in peace

Rdio launches ‘Protected Accounts,’ letting you Limp Bizkit it up in peace

Listen up Rdio users, do you have terrible tastes in music? Do your friends laugh at your preference for Fear Factory over Dream Theater? Or, have you simply missed the entire social transition over the past few years to being utterly transparent about every element of your life?

If so, you are now officially hooked up: you can now set your Rdio account to private with the service’s new ‘Protected Account‘ feature, so that no one you don’t want to know can’t find out how many times you’ve spun ‘Super Bass’ in the last week. Really, it’s for the best. However, selecting to secure your account from prying and judging eyes won’t limit your ability to enjoy the service.

People can apply to be your follower, but until you give them the nod, they won’t get a peep. Spotify, an Rdio competitor, has a system by which users can temporarily cease to have their music logged, allowing for guilty-pleasure sessions.

If you want to use the new feature, head to the ‘Advanced’ tab in your settings menu, which will sort you.

In the age of frictionless sharing of music preference and action to Facebook, having the ability to sit in your own house and not allow the world tune in is a good one.

Top Image Credit: Michelle Hawkins-Thiel

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