DailyArt delivers one piece of classic art to your smartphone each day

DailyArt delivers one piece of classic art to your smartphone each day

I can’t lay claim to the world’s greatest art aficionado title, but I’m no culturally bereft Luddite either, which is why apps such as this can really serve a purpose.

DailyArt is your daily dose of classic paintings, serving up a proverbial shot of espresso to awaken the inner culture vulture in you, however fleeting this may be. Each day you receive a push notification with a classic art piece, direct to your iOS or Android device. Open it, read a little background information around the artist and painting, and then go back to uploading random photos of your coffee mug to Instagram. If that’s what you normally do, of course.

It couldn’t be any more straight forward – and that is perhaps the core underlying appeal here. There’s no bells and whistles, it cuts straight to the chase by delivering you exactly one classic piece of art each day.

Whilst glancing over a specific piece, you can swipe down to share your artwork by email, Twitter or Facebook. A ‘tap’ on the painting takes you full-screen, while hitting the mini description tag takes you to more details courtesy of a Wikipedia article.

You can also scroll left and right to view other pieces if your interest has been suitably stoked.

DailyArt was developed by Zuzanna Stanska from Polish company Moiseum, and is available to download now for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

➤ DailyArt – iOS | Android

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