Google expands Gmail’s autocomplete search to 47 new languages

Google expands Gmail’s autocomplete search to 47 new languages

Following a handful of other updates across its properties, Google has just updated its autocomplete predictions feature for Gmail’s search bar to support 47 new languages. Keep in mind, this feature originally launched back in May with just support for English.

According to Google, the Gmail team has plans to roll out more languages over time. This includes “Chinese, Korean, Japanese and right-to-left languages,” all of which will be released “over the coming months.”

More than anything this small update shows Google’s international commitment. Pushing for feature parity across all potential demographics will always be a decent idea for a service as widely used as Gmail.

Only hours ago, Google updated its Google Goggles app with new shopping-related features and continues to roll out Google+ vanity URLs for select, verified users. Things are still busy in Mountain View, even during the summer lull.

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