Chrome for iOS updated to share pages to Google+, Facebook and Twitter directly

Chrome for iOS updated to share pages to Google+, Facebook and Twitter directly

Google’s Chrome for iOS has been updated today to add the ability to share webpages out to Google+, Facebook and Twitter as well as email. This update follows a Google+ release that added the ability to open links right in Chrome for iOS.

While this seems like a minor update, it does have implications for iOS users. Remember that Apple has slowly added social sharing features to Mobile Safari through updates of iOS over the past two years. You can already share out to Twitter or via email right from Mobile Safari, and Facebook integration is on its way with iOS 6 this fall.

Adding those abilities to Chrome for iOS brings its sharing features to parity with Apple and even one-ups them by adding Google+ (something that will likely never happen in Mobile Safari) and shipping Facebook sharing early.

Google is working hard to make Chrome the best it can be on iOS, despite facing some hardcore handicaps from Apple. Letting users jump right from its other apps like Google+ to Chrome when following links is a big help. And adding Facebook, G+ and Twitter integration to Chrome makes it easier still to stay inside the app while sharing links out.

There are also a couple of bug fixes in this release:

  • More actionable sync sign in error messages
  • Improved language detection for welcome tour
  • Fixes for pages loading blank in Incognito* mode

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