Storify adds as a source for its curated story line archives

Storify adds as a source for its curated story line archives

Some good news today for users of the upstart — Archival services Storify has just added the Twitter-esque service as a source for its story streams. It’s the second, somewhat-major, external tool that we’ve seen adopt, with Buffer having added the service a mere hours after the $500,000 funding goal was met.

It’s an important milestone for the service, which had seen a vast amount of pushback since its inception only a few weeks ago. Putting things into perspective, unless gets to play nicely with some of the services that has helped to make Twitter so popular, it’s going to be exceptionally difficult to gather adoption for the platform. While creator Dalton Caldwell understands that not everyone is going to use it, without users any social-slanted service is essentially dead on arrival.

The integration challenge works both ways. While it’s important that Storify adds services like, it’s equally as important that its own products see adoption. With recent additions to Tweetbot and Hootsuite, that seems to be a non-issue for the company which many have turned to in order to keep timeline archives of important events that transpire over social media.

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