Erlywarn: The simple service that texts you whenever your site is down or slow

Erlywarn: The simple service that texts you whenever your site is down or slow

Anyone that has ever ran a Web service or even a simple homepage knows that downtime happens, and because of this, there are plenty of site monitoring tools out there. Many of these services work extremely well for traffic-heavy sites, and others, like Pingdom, even play friendly with smaller operations. But a new service by the name of Erlywarn takes the cake when it comes to ease of use and simplicity.

Erlywarn monitors your site with HTTP(S) GET requests for just two things: slow downs and downtime. That’s it. It’s a dead simple option that costs £1 per month per site, and checks up on them at regular intervals (choose between 2-10 minutes).

If the service sees that one of your sites is running slowly or is completely down, you’ll receive an email or text message alerting you of the issue — so you aren’t left sleeping through hoards of angry users. There’s also support for NotifoProwl and Boxcar.

Additionally, you can configure Erlywarn to let you know when your site recovers, which is helpful if you rely on shared hosting and are subject to maintenance-related downtime.

Since Erlywarn only scratches the surface, its simplicity comes with a price. It wont be able to keep track of location-specific outages and it also doesn’t provide much long-term data, though these features may be added over time. In the end, its usefulness comes down to what you need.

All in all, Erlywarn serves a basic role and it’s only £1 to try out. For more, check out the link below:

➤ Erlywarn

Source: Webdesigner Depot

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