Filter-based email tool SaneBox adds Dropbox support to host your attachments in the cloud

Filter-based email tool SaneBox adds Dropbox support to host your attachments in the cloud

SaneBox, the time-saving and filter driven email tool that launched earlier in the year, has today announced another impressive update to its service, partnering with Dropbox to securely host your attachments in the cloud, making them easy to find and reducing the footprint of enterprise email inboxes everywhere.

Now, when your receive an email that has an attachment, SaneBox automatically connects to your Dropbox account, uploads it and then returns a publicly shareable link, which is then added to the email. Instead of trawling through your inbox and hundreds of messages to find your files, SaneBox makes them accessible from the desktop or even a mobile device.

If you’ve never encountered SaneBox before, it’s essentially a big filter that works on the layer just before emails reach your inbox. The service creates a separate folder in your email account and when it arrives, SaneBox decides if it needs to be discarded, enter that folder, or if can go straight into your inbox. You can check the filtered emails any time you want by going into the folder, and browsing. They aren’t deleted.

Your inbox is tamed, and with its new Dropbox support, it will be a lot leaner too. Even if you use Gmail, it means the client that you use to access it, will not be as bogged down as it used to be.

SaneBox’s Dropbox integration works in a number ways. It can simply filter and strip attachments from your email or it can be set to only kick in once a file-size threshold has been reached. Sanebox can keep the original attachment if you wish, and it’s all reversible via the Settings panel.

InSync is a similar service, which supports both Dropbox and Google Drive.

Sanebox is a paid service, starting at $4.95 a month, but it offers a free trial. You can sign up using the link below.


Image Credit: Alec Perkins

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