Tweetbot for Mac Alpha 5 brings drafts, keyword muting, Storify and Gifs, final version for Lion

Tweetbot for Mac Alpha 5 brings drafts, keyword muting, Storify and Gifs, final version for Lion

The newest version of the super popular Tweetbot for Mac alpha has been released and it brings a host of wanted changes including drafts support, keyword muting and more. It is also the last version of the Alpha to support OS X 10.7 Lion, as the final version will be for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion only.

You can download the latest version on the Tweetbot alpha site now, as sandboxing requirements for this release make it a manual install job.

The drafts can be accessed from the ‘gear’ icon in the ‘new tweet’ window. As Jordan Kay points out, the Drafts window will update live as you compose a new tweet:

You can now also edit your profile in the ‘Profile’ tab, allowing you to set your display name, avatar, location, website URL and bio.

A cool feature that appears to have been left out of the notes, you can drag and drop tweets to your desktop as a .webloc (web location) file that links to them on Twitter. Essentially a tweet-specific bookmark file. To do that, grab the profile pic and drag out to the desktop.

Storify support has now also been added. To tweet out a Storify link of a whole conversation, click the Share button in the conversation view and choose Tweet Conversation. You’ll get a composed Tweet with a Storify link ready to go:

And, you can now view animated .gifs in the preview window, rather than having to view it on the web. Gifs like this one:

Here’s the full list of updates:

  • Please note due to Sandboxing requirements you must install this version manually
  • This is the last version with 10.7 support
  • Drafts window enabled (cmd-0).
  • Edit Profile enabled (my profile tab)
  • Mute Keyword enabled (mute tab)
  • Drag/drop usernames and links
  • Storify support enabled (conversation view)
  • Animated gif support
  • Fixed issues related to lists in columns
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Various bug fixes

The alpha of Tweetbot is free to Mac users, but will be a for-pay app when it is finally released. To snag the latest version of the alpha, hit ‘check for updates’ under your Tweetbot menu or hit up the Tapbots site below.

➤ Tweetbot for Mac alpha

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