Setlist plugs the Songkick gap, tapping your Rdio account to recommend live music by location

Setlist plugs the Songkick gap, tapping your Rdio account to recommend live music by location

We’ve covered Songkick on a number of occasions before, a service that scans music on your computer or smartphone and lets you know about gigs and concerts in your area based on your music taste. You can also integrate it with Spotify, Facebook, Google Music, Pandora and if you’re not one to store music physically on your device.

The one glaring omission there is Rdio, a popular streaming service that finally landed in Europe back in May. But there is now an app to cater specifically or this kink in Songkick’s chain.

Setlist: Powered by Rdio

As with Songkick, Setlist lets you add multiple cities to your account, so you can have it set to your home city, or reel in further conurbations if you’re on the move. Fancy seeing an impromptu gig when on business in Chicago? No problem, Setlist will mine your Rdio account to recommend live music in The Windy City.

Setlist is easy to set-up – you enter your Rdio username/email address and connect your accounts. You can then add locations, with it defaulting initially to your current location using GPS:

It then scans your Rdio account and lists live music by date, and includes details on how to get tickets and a map of the venue, while you can save shows to your calendar. Interestingly, Setlist actually integrates with Songkick, letting you view ticket information from within the app.

So, Setlist essentially plugs the gap left by Songkick. But with Rdio integration almost certainly on Songkick’s roadmap, it’s unlikely this niche offering will lead to a massive amount of uptake in the long term. Unless, of course, it can reel in all the platforms offered by Songkick and bring something new to the table too.

Setlist | iOS

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