Togather: A new crowdsourcing platform that brings audiences and authors together

Togather: A new crowdsourcing platform that brings audiences and authors together

Started out of Huge Inc’s secretive Labs program, Togather is a new platform that wants to empower authors to book (and fill) talks, signings and lectures based on demand from fans. They call it “fansourcing.”

Here’s how Togather works: Authors let the public know when they’re ready and available to talk. From there, anyone is free to propose an event, but it will only happen if there’s enough interest and if the author’s criteria is met (X # of reserved books, tickets purchased or RSVPs).

It’s a system that could work extremely well in a number of verticals, but is currently focusing on taking on the publishing industry by taking the pain out of tours.

The startup was founded by authors Andrew Kessler and Aaron Shapiro, and has been incubated for over a year in Huge Labs in Brooklyn, New York. The company was created to solve a specific pain point felt by the founders, and is set on easing the long-felt challenge authors have to face when attempting to connect with their audience.

From what we’ve seen, the platform is certainly compelling. Now all the site needs to do is lure in plenty of quality talent. If you’re an author looking to join the site, get in touch the with creators here. As for fans, the site is already open to browse.

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