rolls out new voting features as it nears 50K users rolls out new voting features as it nears 50K users, a site where geeks can connect and share their achievements, first launched back in September of last year, and has been gradually expanding its offering ever since. What first started out as a collection of brag-worthy accomplishments with hundreds of users is quickly evolving into a social network of sorts for developers, and as the site nears 50K users, we’re excited for what’s next.

Today, two months after released its GeekIt bookmarklet and added link sharing abilities (5k+ links shared so far), the site is now rolling out a voting system to make order out of all this content.

From the creators:

Different from other link sharing services, Geeklist gives you the unique ability to tag them into their related categories, sending them not only to your personal links pages and the main stream, but right into the relevant categories you tag. If you want to see the latest links in any topic just visit the specific communities. You can also see the favorite links of developers and entrepreneurs you respect by visiting their profiles and clicking ‘view all my links’.

As the startup details on its blog, voting is now available in the links stream, in user’s link lists and also on individual link pages.

This is just one small iteration, but clearly the site’s gradually growing feature-set (e.g.: Search launch, GitHub integration) has pleased its users so far. The point is, these roll-outs seem to all be adding up.


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