Spotify rolls out mobile radio for Android

Spotify rolls out mobile radio for Android

A little over a month after Spotify enabled mobile radio on iOS, the same functionality has finally landed on Android as promised.

From today, you can now enjoy Spotify radio directly from your Android device, a feature that lets you create radio stations based on any artist, album or playlist. If you like a song, you can save it to your Spotify playlists, with an unlimited number of stations and songs.

You can also store the songs you like by giving it a ‘thumbs up’, saving it to a ‘Liked from Radio’ playlist.

Of course, you will need a premium subscription to the music-streaming service, the cost of which varies depending on where you are. In the UK, this is £9.99/month.

Back in December we reported that the radio function had been given a huge makeover on the desktop version. Indeed, Radio is one of Spotify’s earliest and most popular features, so this will likely prove a big hit.

As with the US launch of this feature on iOS last month, Spotify is also offering mobile radio as a standalone free version. This is a result of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) licensing laws, though we’re told that the company hopes to roll out a free version that includes the mobile radio service in other countries “over time”. This is the first time Spotify has allowed Android users to listen for free from their mobile.

To access the new Radio feature, you simply have to download the updated app which is live now.

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