Team GB Live app launched for British supporters to follow the Olympics in detail

Team GB Live app launched for British supporters to follow the Olympics in detail

Not long now until the Olympic Games gets going and London is already teeming with athletes, tourists and curious new directions for the underground.

In order to encourage support for the home team, the British Olympic Association has launched Team GB LIVE, a real-time dashboard available online and to download on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The mobile application has channels for news items, a schedule of the events that Team GB is taking part in and an option noting the hashtag #OurGreatestTeam, takes users to Twitter for mobile where they can follow what others are saying. That might be an open door to trolls, but when the games get going, it is likely that there will be plenty of enthusiasm around the events to drown some of that out.

Other options for customising the application include choosing only the athletes, sports and venues you want to follow and getting every London 2012 result live as it takes place.

It’s a handy too for those of us who can’t follow every minute of the games but would like to check in on Team GB’s results after events have taken place. Each result is recorded so that users can go back and take a look.

Team GB has also launched a live blog using Scribble which pulls in content from reporters on the ground, Team GB social channels, athlete social channels and content from behind the scenes at Team GB by the BOA.

“London 2012 will be the most watched, tweeted, liked, tagged and checked-in event the world has ever seen,” says Joe Morgan, Digital Manager for Team GB. “With the evolution of sport viewing habits, Team GB LIVE is a platform where you can build your own personal Olympic experience and follow just the things you like.”

Team GB LIVE: iOS/Android/Web

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