Exec now allows you to “hire” someone to do charitable volunteer work on your behalf

Exec now allows you to “hire” someone to do charitable volunteer work on your behalf

We’ve told you about San Francisco based company Exec before and how its CEO, Justin Kan, is dedicated to providing an easy tool to get jobs, tasks and errands done in a snap.

I sat down with Kan this week and we discussed Exec’s latest promotion, the ability to hire one of the service’s “Execs” to perform volunteer work for charity. Basically, all you have to do is pick from one of the three charities that Exec has chosen to benefit and then choose the amount of time that you’d like to donate.

It’s definitely different, as Kan asks: “What if you could donate time instead of money?”

By visiting this page, you can get started in a snap. Exec is only available in San Francisco right now, so keep that in mind:

Here’s what Exec had to say on its blog about the unique charitable promotion:

Today we’re really excited to announce a new way to give – you can now get Exec to volunteer on your behalf!

It’s been really rewarding to be able to give back. But we realized that charities are in need of more than just money – they are often overwhelmed with work and are in constant need of volunteers.

Execs will be helping out with whatever the charities need most – from making much-needed updates to donor records, to helping to plan and put on fundraising events, to mentoring and playing sports with kids.
We are offering this to our customers for the next month (now through the end of August). Exec is donating 100% of all proceeds raised.

Here are the charities that Exec has chosen to work with:

Mission Graduates – Helps SF Bay area kids go to college
Appleseeds – A film to raise awareness and help end domestic violence
KEEN – Sports for kids with disabilities

This isn’t the first time that Exec has done a promotion that benefits charity, its “talk to a founder” event was quite successful. This is such a great way to give back to charity as well as teach people how powerful the Exec platform can be.

If you don’t have your own time to volunteer, then you can now see to it that the work still gets done.

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