opens signups to all, lets you beautifully share your most important page of iOS apps opens signups to all, lets you beautifully share your most important page of iOS apps

I’ve been testing a service called for what feels like forever. Now, the service has opened its doors to the public, accepting signups from anyone.

It’s a simple site, really. It just allows you to share the home screen of your iPhone or iPad on the web in a cleanly formatted way, with a place to leave comments and more about your choices of apps. A few words about the choices you’ve made on your apps definitely lets you answer questions you might get if you just posted it on Twitter or shared it in another way.

The screenshot is presented in a mockup of the appropriate Apple device and there is a place for you to enter profile information that can allow people to follow you on Twitter and such.

So why would you care about the home screen of someone else’s device? Well, remember that there’s only a limited number of slots on the primary pane of your springboard, so any choices that you make regarding these apps are important ones. This is valuable real-estate, and it takes a  kind of primal need for an app to earn its place there.

Some people might use their devices differently, of course. But for me, the home screen is sacred ground, and apps don’t end up there unless I tap them every single day.

The site also allows you to explore and discover more home screens through a search function. The search pane is cool because you can search to see if the people you follow on Twitter or who exist out in the Apple community have shared their home screens. I’ve come across some very interesting finds just clicking around the gallery, to be honest.

The home screen of an iOS device is a window into the way people work play and live on their portable computers, and provides a nice way to both share yours and discover others. You can check it out here, and my profile is here.


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