Fuzel now lets you create awesome photo collages on your iPhone for free

Fuzel now lets you create awesome photo collages on your iPhone for free

Back in March, one of the apps that made it onto our 7 essential iPhone photography apps list, was Fuzel.

“We’ve seen quite a few apps that let you create montages of photos you’ve taken with your iPhone, choosing from a variety of layouts,” we wrote at the time. “None of them are quite as elaborate as the $0.99 app Fuzel.”

We noted that the app came with 36 preset layouts of varied widths and aspect ratios, many of which we hadn’t seen in any apps of a similar ilk. In addition to the preset layouts, you could create your own customized layouts using the ‘cut’ feature.

We summarized our admiration for the app by saying:

“Fuzel is impressive on all counts – from its wide variety of features to its easy-to-use and gorgeous UI – so if you’re serious about iPhoneography, this is one app which will help bring a unique and interesting twist to how you display your photos.”

The only downside to the app was, well, it cost $0.99. Hardly a deal-breaker if you’re a serious iPhoneographer, but it would certainly deter the more casual user.

Now, however, we’ve been informed by the developers behind the app – Not A Basement Studio (Note: we think it probably is a basement studio) – that a free version of the app has now been released.

The free version keeps most of the qualities of the original paid-for app, letting users tell their stories through beautiful photo collages, direct from their iOS device. You can combine photos, add effects, write captions, and then share your story with friends.

There are six aspect ratios to choose from. You can cut your own layouts, or pick one from more than thirty preset templates. And you can snap photos from within Fuzel, or import them from your library, Facebook, or search on Google Images.

As with any photo app worth its salt, Fuzel has a range of filters and frames, as well as image auto-enhancement. Some of the features will have to be gleaned by upgrading to the old paid version (now called ‘Pro’), through in-app purchases.

When your collage is complete, you can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or email in high-res. You can even tag your Facebook friends.

Not A Basement Studio is based in the Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh, and judging by the free version of this app, we think they have a real winner on their hands with this.

Check out the new official promo video below.

➤ Fuzel, iOS: Free | Pro

Feature Image Credit: Litonali | Flickr

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