BowBox lets you send a virtual gift box to your loved ones

BowBox lets you send a virtual gift box to your loved ones

This morning I stumbled upon BowBox, a seemingly brand new service that lets you send a virtual box with text, photos, videos and music to your partner(s), friend(s), relative(s) or anyone else you’re close with.

(Noticed afterwards that this was on Reddit, though I didn’t see it there).

There really isn’t that much more to say about the service. You sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account, after which you can add media to your ‘bowbox’, preview it and send it to a single recipient by email.

You can also make your box public – here’s an example of what the result looks like, but there’s a far better one that I made especially for you, dear readers.

The person at the receiving end only sees part of the message but can see all the rest with the click of a button. “It’s just like going through a gift box,” declares BowBox on its website. If that sounds like your thing, head on over to:

BowBox (and send us something nice at [email protected])

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