Urban Airship gets its game on with GamesAnalytics partnership

Urban Airship gets its game on with GamesAnalytics partnership

Urban Airship, the firm known for providing push messaging services, and predictive analytics specialists GamesAnalytics, today announced a strategic partnership that should help games developers attract the attention of their users.

The hope is that this partnership will allow developers can drive deeper engagement with games and promote content specific times that might be more interesting to users.

GamesAnalytics’ predictive modelling can be used to determine which gamers are most likely to churn, which are the most social and which are most likely to pay for virtual goods in order to target promotions and offers that increase retention and drive revenue.

Using Urban Airship’s messaging, gamers can be engaged directly on their smartphone home screens even when the game in question is not open. Whether users find this feature useful or not is a different matter, but if you’re competing with friends, it might help to keep players on the ball for the next round of play.

“Push messaging can deliver a dramatic uplift in user engagement and retention, especially when context is considered to deliver truly relevant and targeted messages,” said Christopher Dean, chief revenue officer, Urban Airship. “Our partnership with GamesAnalytics helps streamline the triggering of messages that hit the mark from the user’s perspective and positively impact the publisher’s bottom-line.”

As push notifications continue to populate our apps, it will be interesting to see if partnerships like this might inspire developers to play with the way we get our games fix with these little reminders.

Image Credit: Fabio Bruna

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