Crowdstream app launches to tap into the frenzy of ardent fans

Crowdstream app launches to tap into the frenzy of ardent fans

Launched today, Crowdstream is a free app for live events that can also put a few more pounds (or dollars) in the pockets of artists.

The basic premise is to bring fans together around the artist they like and encourage them to interact during live events.

Way back in the mists of time, okay, in the 90s, it was tricky to get a camera into a gig at all unless you were a certified journo. Now everyone is armed with a pocket rocket for taking photos and recording clips. Crowdstream aims to collate all of that material so that fans can swap and share.

The company works directly with more than 60 major label artists including Mötley Crüe, Neon Trees, Shinedown, and The Wanted as well as a whole bunch of unsigned bands too.

The firm says that this app allows artists to engage with their fans when they’re most excited: While they’re at the show. Though with many traditional performers, we thought the most immediate way to do that would be through the mic?

There are of course acts that take on more digital methods of performance and it is possible that an app like this can add to a live experience if it can be streamed at gigs.

Already fans are able to interact with other followers at the event and can win various prizes from the artist through the app. The possibility of meeting your favourite rock star or getting your paws on some free merchandise might have attendees looking at their phones rather than at the stage, but hopefully that would be during breaks or before an encore.

Extra channel for revenue

The app can certainly draw attention to fan clubs, music downloads and other merchandise sales while people at gigs are feeling a little more frenzied. That said there’s also a lot of acts that have their own applications, Nine Inch Nails is already well known for harnessing its own technology.

It’s a good way to follow a band and see what’s coming up for touring and meeting equally ardent followers though. No doubt bragging rights, past gigs and other notes can be shared before an act arrives in your town. The app can also be used for those who cannot attend a gig, so at least they can follow via the crowd.

If you are crazy about a band and want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, even when you are not at a gig, this might be the app for you. It’s available on iOS and Android.

Probably best to get your smartphone insured before heading into the mosh pit though…

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Image Credit: Mark Hillary

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