Foodie favorite Forkly finds food-friendly photo filters and fantastic, fresh features

Foodie favorite Forkly finds food-friendly photo filters and fantastic, fresh features

Since its release, Forkly has become my go-to app for food-spotting and recommendations. Its clean, slick design had me as a fan from the first time that I used it, so it’s great to see that the team has added some new features to make a great app even  better. The new update adds food-friendly filters, direct invitations for your friends and even the ability to buy wines that you or your friends have spotted.

There’s also a tilt-shift feature, and even some specific filters for that romantic, candle-lit dinner that you might be having. A new setting will also let you save your photos to your iPhone’s albums, and new exposure controls help to ensure that you’re taking photos that you’d actually want to look at later.

The game system within Forkly allows you to earn points toward being a Tastemaker depending upon how often you post from specific places, and how well-received your recommendations are by your network. With the new update,  you can see a listing of the places where you’ve been named a Tastemaker, and you can share that status directly to Facebook or Twitter if you so choose.

Oh, and there’s a bigger reason to become a Tastemaker, too. The team states in a blog post that “later this summer, you’ll be rewarded with ‘Tastemaker Perks’ too.”

Finally, one huge feature for the app is a direct integration with so that you can purchase the libations that you or your friends have spotted and recommended. It’s always a bit difficult to see great stuff from your friends when you know that they’re at a restaurant that you have little chance of visiting, so at least being able to share a wine recommendation eases that pain a bit.

With speed updates and new ways to invite your friends, it’s a solid update to an already-fantastic app. If you’ve not given Forkly a try, please do. Foodspotting fans, this might just change your mind.


Photo: SweetOnVeg via Flickr

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