Memolane now lets you collect and share social media memories from group adventures

Memolane now lets you collect and share social media memories from group adventures

Now that we’ve all been throwing our photos, videos and thoughts onto social media services for a few years, there’s a real opportunity to innovate around our memories. Memolane is one startup operating in this space, and today it’s expanding from only letting you explore your own social past to a more communal experience, too.

The new feature rolling out today allows you to create shared stories with your Facebook friends. Say you went on a vacation with three friends last year and you want to collect together everything you all shared while you were away. Just select the friends’ names, set the relevant date range for the trip, enter a set of relevant keywords (to filter out unwanted content), and select the types of media you want to showcase. The result is a shared ‘lane’ of memories.

Here’s an example from Memolane, showing the team’s trip to a San Francisco Giants game.

Memolane launched in late 2010 as a way of exploring your social media past. It recently added daily emails that bring back memories from years gone by. These emails don’t have the presentational polish of Timehop’s similar service, but can bring back different memories, as they select a different year each day – you could get a summary fo what you shared three years ago, for example. Memolane also supports more services than Timehop, and its email are of course part of a much larger service, so we’ll let them off.

Memolane’s new shared memories feature is available from today.

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