At last! Songkick finally brings its personalized live music discovery service to Android

At last! Songkick finally brings its personalized live music discovery service to Android

One year almost to the day since Songkick rolled out its iOS app, the live music discovery platform is finally arriving on Android.

Just to recap, Songkick is a service that scans music on your computer or smartphone and lets you know about gigs and concerts in your area based on your music taste. You can also integrate it with Spotify, Facebook, Google Music, Pandora and if you’re not one to store music physically on your device.

Now, fresh out of a $10m funding round, Songkick Concerts has hit Google Play for Android users to tap what is one of our favorite music-related services out there.

The Android offering adopts a similar layout and format to its iOS counterpart. Pretty much as soon as you launch the app, it begins scanning your library for music, before presenting you with a list of live performances in your locale:

As you can see, not only does it suggest live shows specifically for the artists in question, but it also throws up festivals which they’re appearing at.

Whilst it defaults to your current location, you can manually enter a different location (click ‘Add/Edit’) and build a list of locations if you’re prone to traveling around a bit. Then all you need to do is click on your city of choice – London, Edinburgh, Paris…wherever – and it will display your live shows accordingly, in date order.

Naturally, if you have thousands of artists on your device, it’s likely not all of them will have imminent live shows. But you can choose to view your artists’ list and manually browse to see if they have anything coming up perhaps a little further down the line.

In addition to all this, you can also receive alerts when new concerts are announced by your favorite bands, and it also lets you view the full line-up for every show as well as the venue, map and best ticket offers.

Songkick hails itself as “the second-largest live music site after Live Nation”, and the London/San Francisco-based company has been showered with a number of awards and accolades in the past couple of years.

With over six million monthly users, it’s easy to see why Songkick has proven to be such a popular and indispensable app for music fans – it’s really that good. And now that it has finally arrived on Android, we can expect to see Songkick go from strength to strength.

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