Task and action automator IFTTT looking to build mobile apps for iOS and the web

Task and action automator IFTTT looking to build mobile apps for iOS and the web

The wonderful service IFTTT, which allows you to pin various web services together to make cool things happen, is looking to build apps for iOS and mobile. This is indicated by a recent job posting for a full-time iOS/Mobile Engineer in San Francisco.

The posting says IFTTT is ‘seeking a creative and adventurous engineer to help design and build a truly revolutionary mobile experience.’ The requirements for the posting reads like a wishlist for those of us who love IFTTT’s service.

IFTTT is looking for developers that are:

  • Experienced with Objective C and the iOS SDK
  • More than familiar with HTML5 / JavaScript
  • Passionate about creating intuitive interfaces
  • Looking to build apps that change the way people think about and use their mobile devices

Sounds good to me. We were one of the first sites to cover the startup last year and have grown quite attached to the way it lets us do cool stuff like snapping an Instagram photo and having it transferred to Dropbox automatically. But since the startup hit the scene last year, other competitors have begun surfacing in the mobile space. There’s Triggers for iPhone, which takes many of the concepts of IFTTT and melds them with the sensors available in the device, creating a Twine-like receptor for the ‘internet of things’. And the recent Microsoft project on{X} has made a similar splash on Android.

If IFTTT doesn’t want to get left out of the trigger revolution that it sort of started, it needs to get into mobile in a big way, so we’re glad to see them looking to make hires here. I would use the junk out of an IFTTT app that combined the sensor-loving ways of Trigger and Twine, with the cool open ‘action creator’ that has spawned so many interesting recipes.

IFTTT scored $1.5M in seed funding earlier this year from angel investors and VCs including Lerer, Betaworks, Greylock, CrunchFund, David Tisch, Founder Collective, SV Angel and more. At that time it said that over 500K recipes had been created, with some 90M tasks being triggered at a rate of 1M a day.

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