Spreecast quietly continues redesign to hone its video broadcasting niche

Spreecast quietly continues redesign to hone its video broadcasting niche

Video is clearly an important market to go after, as it seems we’ve all but completely figured out how we’d like to share photos and text. Right now countless players are searching for the video sweet spot, with services like Viddy and Socialcam attempting to become the “Instagram of video,” and Google’s Hangouts and most recently Sean Parker’s Chat Roulette-styled startup, Airtime.

Among these companies, one by the name of Spreecast has been growing rapidly, and has garnered attention from countless celebs and big names like Demi Lovato, POLITICO, One Direction, Reese Witherspoon and Randy Zuckerberg. The company, created by StubHub founder Jeff Fluhr, launched last fall as a social video platform that lets people broadcast together. The service allows up to four people to come on screen at a time, with unlimited viewers that ask questions and chat beside the video.

Now, following May’s launch of new profiles, the Spreecast team is back with newly redesigned Spreecast Pages and embeds, which continue to refine the startup’s experience for its own emerging community. Most notably, users can expect a larger chat area that’s side-by-side with the video, which saves space and makes it easier for viewers to get involved in what they’re watching.

Everything that’s new, from Spreecast:

  • Video is now side-by-side with a much BIGGER chat area
  • Our new Info tab displays your title and description* at a glance
  • Easily share to your Facebook Wall
  • Customize your Twitter stream
  • RSVP and Follow buttons are now WAY more visible
  • Your profile pictures are more prominent

*Your description is part of your Facebook post when it’s shared, so make it good!

If you embed Spreecasts on your blog or website, behold:

  • You can now embed in Facebook Page tabs! Here’s how.
  • Resizable spreecasts available (810-970px recommended)
  • The medium Embed is 500 and now fits on Tumblr! Hooray!
  • Guests can also Follow, RSVP and Comment on your Info tabs!
  • Our embeds had a growth spurt! Each is now 460px* tall.

Video has countless barriers, including attention requirements, bandwidth and lack of immediacy, but with Spreecast’s continued developments in this area, the company is giving Google a run for its money as it slowly integrates Hangouts in to YouTube.

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